Eels Yoohun


Fish have to breathe in water. Fish have gills but not lung. Fish are covered by scales. Fish have fins. Fish are our invertebrate. Most fish didn't have teeth. Fish lay more than one egg.


The size of a eel is 2 feet to 15 feet. The color of a eel is nearly all color. Eels can hide in sand and mud. When eels are in the water the color would be green.

There are 700 species of moray eel. Eels live in big rock. Eels can live in sand and mud too.


Eels eat plankton and small fish. Eels can't eat big fish like shark or dolphins. Eels cannot eat too many things, because eels are too thin. Some time eels eat big fish, because they are too hungry.

Life cycle

Many eels born from eggs.Eels born at sand. Eels live for 10 years or more.Eel can grow very long.When eels lay eggs they lay up to 10,000 eeg at a time.


I think eels are cool because they are very strong. They can go in tiny spaces. But it is a little bit yucky,because it has a slippery body like a snake. Some time eels are very dangerous.


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