who am i ? shatara jemison

i chose this picture because i am a sister to 3 .

Who am i ?

My name is shatara nicole jemison . Im very fun to be around and i'm out going to a lot of people . A lot of people will call me social because i like meeting new people , different type of people . I am the youngest out of 4 girls . My parents been together for 20 years . I like being around my family and friends having fun . Many people will call me to parties because i like to party .

My family would perceive me as outgoing .

Who do other people think i am ?

People will describe as caring for other people feelings . My parents will say i'm very outgoing and loud because that's the truth . When i'm by myself i'm so what quiet or loud , it really depends on my mood . The person i am at school is different because i don't walk people to walk all over me . If Anyone will mess with me i'll just have to fight my battles .

i pretend to be more than one person

Who i pretend to be ?

I pretend to be the person i am not always am . Inside i'm very sensitive and emotional . If we go to school and someone hurts my feelings well just fight because i hate getting my feelings hurt . My really close friends will say i'm very sensitive because they seen me on my bad and good days .

i want to be a teacher when i grow up .

Who do i want to be ?

When i grow up i want to be a teacher or a surgeon . Both jobs have always been my dream since the 6th grade . I want to get married to my girlfriend and not have kids because i don't want any for myself . I want to go to sam houston universality .

i play as a good simbling to my youngers .

Am i one person or dpo i wear multiple faces ?

Honestly i wear multiple of faces . I want my nieces and nephews to look up to me . I don't want them to go around being mean to people like me . I'm not always mean but when people mess up with me i amm . I always want them to fight their battles . People make it seems like i'm nice but im lowkjey mean , sewntaive , and emortial at once .


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