Bailey Oberholtzer

We were waiting for this trip forever. We are going to a national park in Canada called the Auyuittuq national park. It's going to be really fun. The road trip there was really long about ten hours but we did stop for bathroom brakes and food brakes. We were trying to get there in time because it's the hours are they are open till September to June the week 8:30 to noon then they are not open on the weekends.

we drove through many states where we were going was Baffin island and that is where the resort is there i was so excited it takes ten hours to get there by car to get to the island we had a choice by flying or boat we chose flying because we wanted to see how beautiful it was from high above. we stayed at a resort the prices were not as high as i thought they were going to be.

The next morning we started a really early morning hike it was amazing and my family saw something amazing likes birds and all nature stuff, it was amazing. while we were hiking there was another trail that we saw for snow mobiles. We watched them they were amazing. Then we saw water with a bunch of boats and people fishing we saw about 10 to 15 boats. The next day we went kayaking it was really dangerous the water was really fears i fell over a couple times but i still had a lot of fun. my favorite activity to do there is dog sledding I had a bunch of fun with the dog sledding. They let us borrow a sled and a friend down there said we could use the dogs they went really fast. That was the best thing we did there.

Whoever reads this I think they should make the time and go to that place with there family they will have a blast like I did. You can figure this all out by going on to the website to plan your visit.


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