Medieval Day - Individual Research Task By Connor Scanlon

My medieval name is Brentley Feirce because Brentley in medieval times meant 'proud' and I'm proud to be the prince. My surname was Feirce because I was Feirce in battle.

I chose to create this coat of arms because gold was a very wealthy colour and purple was a sign of royalty. I also chose that particular animal to show how important and scary I am. My motto is 'Prince Blood' because I am a prince and it sounds frightening if you here it.

I sit at the top of the feudal pyramid because I am the prince and I am in charge of some of the Knights, but my father (the King) is in charge of me.

I woke up and the sun was glaring through my huge windows, as soon as I saw the sun I knew that it was going to be the perfect day for hunting. I ate my breakfast and I went into the old rack to gather my hunting materials and to my shock they were gone, my ninny-hammered brother must have beaten me to it. I hated my brother because he was next in-line for the throne because he is older than me and he gets all the important duties because of that. I decided to see my mother because she would normally give me the most goods. She gave me clothes and big boots, I loved them. I saw my brother later that day and I was wearing my new clothes, so I boasted to him and he said 'it looks like you got the clothes that mother gave me four months ago.' My father called me into his room and told me that I was now officially in charge of an important post in the military. This was great news. I went to bed on a high and I couldn't wait till the next day.

My castle is on a hill so we have higher ground against our opponents and we have a moat so it's harder for the opponents to attack. My castle has 7 rooms, but it has 1 horse stable and a trading place. The fortress around my castle is made out of bricks, the drawbridge is made out of wood and my castle is made out of wood and bricks.

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