How did you survive UIC winters?

We are deep into another unrelenting Chicago winter full of freezing temperatures, bitter wind and persistent snow and slush. As UIC students return from winter break, they’ll have to brave the elements to get to and from class. So we asked alumni how you survived UIC winters and where you went to warm up. Here are some of your stories of survival…

"Living in small apartments around Little Italy, there were mostly old fashioned radiators. I'd sit on them to thaw my legs." - Elizabeth V.
"I was an undergrad from 1969 to 1973. During this time, I took two buses and an el to get to UIC. Wintertime was the hardest. There were layers of clothes, late buses and late els. No matter how I dressed, the wind, otherwise known as "The Hawk," always penetrated all the layers and chilled me to the core. The curbs were full of slush and everything had a layer of dirty snow and salt on it. I warmed up in the BSB cafe with a warm drink — I needed it before tackling the walkways!" — Carol M.
"I remember the first time I ever saw snow in 2001 during my junior year at UIC. It was so beautiful, but I didn't have a proper coat as a south Texas native, and nearly froze to death. I didn't want to go inside, but when I needed to warm up, I'd do it with a cup of hot cocoa on the couch of the Office of Women's Affairs!" — Ann O.
Sparky the Dragon and a student on the ice at Maggie Daley Park during Winterfest.
"Surviving the winter weather was difficult! I would drive from John Hancock High School near Midway Airport for class most nights of the week while finishing my Masters. I still remember being trapped overnight on Lake Shore Drive in my car with 70 MPH winds." — Joseph H.
"Commuting from the suburbs was an adventure — not entirely enjoyable! I would sometimes avoid winter traffic when snowing and after work would go to dinner at a favorite spot on Taylor Street for some homemade manicotti! A great warm-me-up and provided the strength I needed for the trip home." — Linda R.
"As a night student, parking was even more difficult in the winter. Getting to UIC from the clogged expressways was no easy task. I'd warm up in the classrooms!" — Jim G.

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