Sapogy The Endless Steppe

"I bought my sapogy and my fufaika, Shurik went with me after school. It didn't take long; I knew exactly what I wanted. The sapogy were black and soft and shiny; the fufaika was green and quilted. Shurik said I looked very nice in them."

The Endless Steppe ch22

Punch Holes

Use the small hole punch tool and a hammer to cut all marked small dots. These will be the holes you sew into. (hammer not included )
Use the included board to protect your surface.
Use the large hole punch for the 6 large holes. These are the shoe lace holes.
Sew on the Heel Flap
  1. Place the heel flap at the back top of the heel. You should have holes punched on either end of the heel flap and at the top of the heel. Match these holes.
  2. Sew through all three layers 2 times.
  3. Bring the thread to the inside of the shoe ( rough side of the leather) and tie a knot.
  4. Sew both ends in between the heel flap and heel.
  5. Trim the ends.

Sew it Together

Thread the needle with at least 18 in. of waxed thread.
Place the chip board paper sole on top of the leather sole and hold in place while creating the boot.
Find the center hole on both the heel and sole.
Leave a long enough tail to tie at the end. You will stitch from the center heel all the way around the shoe attaching the toe when you get there and continuing to the back again.
Sew both ends into the inner side of the shoe.
Tie a knot.
Clip the ends and tuck under the insole.
  1. We've included an extra insole that can be folded and placed in the toe for added contour.
  2. Slip your key ring onto the heel flap. If you have keys you can add the key ring they're on to the end of the chain.

You Did IT!!!


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