Ashley Delonas, Mixed Media Artist By Sauni Symonds, Outdoor Idaho Producer

You can watch "Crafting a Living" online at https://video.idahoptv.org/video/crafting-a-living-xgp3qz/

Ashley Delonas is a mountain climber, mother, wife, and a self-supporting mixed-media artist from Pocatello who uses her hunting skills to track down antler sheds for her unique creations.

The abandoned crowns from moose, elk and deer find new life in her hands as she builds a story with crystals and stained glass between the tines of bone.

Her love of the outdoors inspires her art. So far, she has climbed seven of Idaho’s nine peaks over twelve thousand feet in elevation. It’s a respectable accomplishment in the mountain climbing world.

“When I conquer a big mountain like one of the Twelvers it definitely inspires me to create something challenging and beautiful,” says Ashley.

Ashley was born and raised in Pocatello, Idaho. Her mother, an artist herself, encouraged Ashley to take up something creative in her early twenties, after becoming a mother. She attended art classes and began selling her art to pay her way through school. It wasn’t long before she realized that she just might be able to make a living from her art. Several years later she runs a very successful business as a traveling artist.

When she’s not working on an antler creation, she can be found cutting glass for her Idaho inspired pieces or molding polymer clay into decorative light switches. She’s a familiar face at many eastern and southern Idaho Art Fairs, which is primarily how she sells her work.

Ashley admits that it isn’t an easy or glorious life crafting a living from her art, but she feels fortunate that her skill and creativity allow her to work from her home studio while she raises her son. In the future she hopes to expand the business side of things, but for now her hands are full trying to meet the demands of a being a traveling artist, mother and wife, and mountain climber.