Masako Worrell dedication and compassion

I have been studying the interdisciplinary with behavioral science and computational science, and my minor is the mathematics education. I can utilize my knowledge of critical thinking and complexity of human cognition. Behavioral science helps me ideal with all kind of children. My goal is that I want all children to enjoy expanding children's curiosities in the classroom and outside classroom. I want to help special needs children learn survival skills that help become more independent and better confident in the community. I want to make different in all children's lives.

I homeschooled my daughter when she was a middle school, and she enjoyed learning from me with homeschooling books. I volunteered at the local head starts school for 155hours.

The followings are my art work. I like drawing and crafting in spare time.

My blog about Virtual Field Trips on 11/06/2016 :One thing I definitely admire about the integration of technology and education is virtual field trips. Virtual field trips would allow students to visit anyplace they want to go aside from the classroom setting. Virtual field trips would have more pros than cons. For example, in the traditional field trip, schools and teachers must plan field trips ahead of time and acquire things such as parental consent sheets, collecting funds, figuring transportation, purchasing tickets (if need be), and think about students’ safety. However, there would be no need for any preparation work besides the teacher asking for parental consent sheets before introducing virtual field trip websites to students. According to Carissa Lawrence, “Students can view and study information on different places on their own time instead of being ushered through by a tour guide.” What's significant is that students can better understand information and revisit the spots, whereas traditional trips would have limited time on the tours. Yet, one disadvantage of the virtual field trip is that students cannot smell anything or touch anything. Over all, I believe that virtual field trips would make it possible for students to visit wherever they want to go and experience important lessons during class time.

Another my blog is about the Big's Sugar's Secret Ally? Nutritionists on 2/2/2017: I believe that there is significant evidence that the author places the issue in a broad context by utilizing medical science, bio chemistry, and nutritional science. The author states that the recent health problem has occurred by consuming sugars and is discussing the correlation of health and sugar by utilizing data of the researchers from sugar industries, the researchers from the Centers for Disease control and Prevention, and American Diabetes Association. He also makes a comparison that Tobacco caused diseases and sugar caused diseases. Hence, the author urges that sugar consumption might still influence how many people get diabetes and acquires obesity problems despite some researchers saying that cause diabetes and obesity are caused by consuming an excess number of calories.Finally, if I wanted to urge the problem of sugar, caloric intake, and health problems, I would utilize information like what different ethnicities/races are diabetic and obese, what ages are suffering from diabetic and obese, what family medical history relate to cause to diabetic and obese, what specific medications react to sugar, etc. Then I would research the relation between sugar consumption and human health by utilizing the knowledge of statistics and human behavioral science. Most important of all, the readers need to understand this sugar issue clearly in order to prevent future problems from occurring.

Last blog that I want to share is about Self-awareness on 3/26/2017: Self-awareness: I believe that self-awareness stands as an important thinking process as a part of emotional intelligence. First, self-awareness is being aware of your own biases that exists naturally in the thinking process. For example, a typical human being accepts opinions that originate from a close friend without any arguments as opposed to discrediting an opinion that originates from a disliked friend. Critical thinking for interdisciplinary work involves questioning all arguments with the same mindset and not allowing biases to interfere. During critical thinking, self-awareness makes sure that you are focusing on your emotions and are aware of what is occurring without the interference of your own biases that could potentially affect an arguments outcome.After thinking with self-awareness, emotional intelligence incorporates human emotion in decision making and leads to positive results. Also, emotional intelligence influences how people manage behavior, navigate social complexities, and make personal decisions. There is always a temptation to reject or disagree with opinions rather than reflect on both perspectives and the strengths of both arguments. It is very important to know that emotional intelligence lets people gain control over their feelings and acquiring self-awareness. This helps people form unbiased opinions which allows for them to treat different ideas fairly. Thus, emotional intelligence helps people manage feelings resulting in them becoming more successful in society.


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