Physical Therapist By: noah rooney

Through this project I have leaned many things about being a Physical Therapist. Some of them include wages, skills and abilities, helpful high school classes, and many more. Next I will describe the occupations of being a physical therapist.

I will now talk about the tasks, demands, and working conditions of being a Physical Therapist. For you to do this you will need to make treatment programs for patients, examine patients, and research therapy methods. You will also need to know how to work with people and manage things. My favorite thing about this job is the working conditions because I like working with people, making decisions, and having accurate work.

Employment as a Physical Therapist is very high in Minnesota and across the United States. Wages are about $77,270 and benefits include paid vacation and sick leave. If I became a sports therapist I think it would be challenging yet interesting to work with a sports team. My favorite parts of this job is helping people and doing something with sports!

There can be many helpful things you can do in high school and college that will prepare you for this job. In high school you could take intro to health care, health education, anatomy, and physiology. For college you would have to go for six years. Four years to get the bachelors degree and two more years to finish the physical therapy program. Also it would be helpful to study anatomy and physiology in college. Thank you for reading this web page and I hope you enjoy it!

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