Green Criminology in the Anthropocene CALL FOR PAPERS

One-day Symposium - 16th January 2020 - Northumbria University

The present period is defined by environmental degradation. To name a few examples, rates of sea level rise, ice loss and extreme weather – all indicators of climate change – accelerated between 2015 and 2019. Even under existing Paris Agreement commitments, temperatures over the Arctic Ocean will increase 3-5°C by mid-century compared to 1986-2005 levels, threatening to derail global climate goals. Worldwide biodiversity loss has also accelerated, with 1 million animal and plant species now at risk of extinction, 92% of the earth’s population are exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution, and under a ‘business as usual’ scenario’ ocean acidification is expected to reach levels not seen in 14 million years.

It is in this context of widespread, human-induced environmental harm that criminology – as the discipline primarily concerned with questions of deviance and social control – finds itself particularly relevant. As such, this one day symposium aims to spark debate in criminology about how best to respond to contemporary and emerging environmental crimes and harms at a time when existing responses appear ineffective.

Call for Papers

Please email abstracts of no more than 200 words to James.Heydon@Nottingham.ac.uk. Papers are welcome from the field of criminology and beyond. Due to industrial action across the UK HE sector, the deadline for abstracts has been extended to Wednesday the 18th of December. Limited funds are available to cover travel costs, and accommodation if required. Please enquire in advance if you need support.

Event Registration

The event is free to attend, but please register your attendance here. Tea, coffee and lunch will be provided. This will be vegetarian by default and we will be catering for other dietary requirements.

The event is being supported by the British Society of Criminology's Green Criminology Research Network, its North East Research Group, and Northumbria University's Centre for Crime and Policing.

Professor Tanya Wyatt's inaugural lecture - 15th January 2020 - Northumbria University, England

Please note, you are also invited to Professor Tanya Wyatt's inaugural lecture. This will be held the evening before the symposium.

Time & Location: Refreshments from 6, talk from 6.30-7.30. Location - City Campus East, Fourth Floor.

Title: Animals and the environment deserve justice too: Challenging criminology’s human-centredness

Synopsis: Criminology has largely ignored the harm and suffering of non-human animals and the environment. The legislative and criminal justice systems too are human-centred. My contribution to the discipline is to challenge the status quo, which instigates and perpetuates injury to the planet and other species as well as hides the victimisation of non-human animals and the environment.


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