Building Ollie's barn

This page is going to show the stages we went through to building our amazing new home!

This is our old dog Ollie who we chose to name our new home after:

  • The first stage to building out dream home was getting an architect to come and view the old barn and decide what he could do to it to make it usable as a home. We had to talk to lots or architects to see what ideas they came up with and to choose our favourite design. Finally we settled with Julian Bluck. We worked with him over a long period of time to design a house that we would be comfortable living in. The catch was that the house had to look like a barn development considering that it was going to be built in an agricultural area!

Here are part of the final plans that were submitted to WEALDEN council:

  • After a bit of tweaking, they were accepted!
Part of the plans submitted to Wealden Council
  • Now we were just beginning our long journey to completing our house!

After many tests to see how deep the foundations needed to be, we hired two ground-workers to dig and supervise the filling of the foundations. They had to be 2.4 meters deep in places!

Here are part of the foundations:

After this we had to have the foundations filled with CONCRETE.

Overall we had 8 deliveries of concrete! This gave a total of 86 cubic meters of concrete.

The next part of building the house was putting the block and beam floor down. The builders had to put lots of beams down on the blocks because the site where we are building the house is on clay. This meant that it was important the structure was strong and safe.

Clay soil:

For the next part of building our house we needed to get some builders to construct the first part of the cavity wall. The first part of the cavity wall won't be seen so it was made out of concrete blocks. We were now able to get a feel for how big the rooms were going to be as the builders put concrete blocks where the interior walls were going to be.

Whilst the builders were laying the bricks on the outer part of the cavity wall, we noticed that the window sill didn't go up high enough. We asked the builders and they said that they had misread the plans.

Things that we have learnt along the way (the hard way!):

  • It is important to order the materials that the builders need before they need them. This way the builders will always have something to do.
  • If the weather is going to be frosty overnight, you need to cover the brickwork up with hessian. (We knew this beforehand from other people telling us.)
  • The bricklayers can't do their job if it is raining as the cement sets in the begs by the cement mixer!
different houses


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