Wolves By:ryaN heiberger


What animals have sharp teeth, soft fur, and live in packs? If you said a wolf you were correct. For more information, let's look at its diet, the different species and the interactions of the wolves. You will be amazed by this incredible creature.

The wolves diet

The diet of the wolf is very interesting. One reason it is fascinating is that they eat many many things. a couple examples of this is moose, elk, buffalo and mice. Also they are omnivores because they eat not only meat but the babys eat berry's and earth worms. They are considered scavengers because they take other animals food also.

The wolves species

Did you know there are many species of wolves on the earth. A couple of examples are, Mexican, Indian, red, grey and tundra wolves. Although they are different species they all have some same attributes. Some attributes are hunting in packs, having leaders, and breeding in other packs. But there are also differences for example red wolves are smaller than gray wolves, and a grey wolves jawline is bigger than a Mexican wolves jawline.

Wolves interactions

Wolves have interactions with other wolves. Sometimes they are good interactions and sometimes they are bad. One example of a bad interaction is fighting over food. If they do that they can hurt or even kill each other. One example of a good interaction is eating and letting an other wolf eat when the wolf hasn't eaten yet.those are types of good and bad interactions.


In conclusion an animal that has sharp teeth, soft fur, and that live in a pack is a very interesting animal. Even though wolves can be very rough they are still cute animals. Overall, wolves are a fascinating animal!

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