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Projection Mapping

Explain the technology/tool

Projection mapping is where you project media onto a dark wall, building or heck pretty much anything as long as its dark by using a heavy duty projector. It started in Disneyland with their haunted mansion ride and today it is used in art exhibitions.

What are your thoughts about this technology/tool?

I personally think it is amazing, for something that started so simple as projecting onto busts of heads it has really taken off and the fact its still used today just shows how good it actually is.

What real-world application could you see this technology/tool being used for?

I could see this sort of tech being used for things like flash-mobs, as its already been used in art exhibitions I see no reason why it cant be used for other forms of self expression, I think its even more likely considering how cheap a good projector is now. I have seen it used at concerts so I could see it being used at festivals in much bigger ways to make the experience even richer.

Virtual is a reality

Explain the technology/tool

Virtual environments include things like the vive which is an amazing piece of kit letting the user feel like they are in a whole other world in an instant and all through the use of a headset and a few sensors. Some virtual reality devices also have controllers like the vive does. its not a new concept but virtual reality is now well and truly in its prime.

what are your thoughts about this technology/tool?

For me personally I love it, as someone who has been playing in virtual reality for a few months its one of the best technological devices going at the moment, offering something which previously due to the times just wasn't possible, you can shoot aliens, paint in 3d space or even just look around amazing 3d environments and all just by putting on a headset... I love it.

What real-world applications could you see this technology/tool being used for?

I could see it being the future for teaching, imagine it, a student wouldn't even have to leave their room, just wake up put on the headset and they are instantly inside a classroom with their classmates and the lecturer and all thanks to VR. The military could advance on what they are already doing with using VR to train their soldiers, and now you can use it to watch concerts, I could see it eventually ending up being a way to put a viewer into a television program which would just be amazing.

Microcontroller mega impact

Explain the technology/tool

I was not able to attend the session on this week but from what I understand the microcontroler is in more or less anything with an LED or LCD screen and much much more.

What are your thoughts about this technology/tool

I think its amazing, its such a big thing that can only go further with the drive and help of science.

What real-world application could you see this technology/tool being used for?

Pretty much everything, from machines that know how long to cook your toast to knowing to put on the news when you get out of bed in the morning. there truly are no limits with what we could do with this technology as long as they obey the rules of robotics.


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