Human Rights in Cuba BY Lonicko Harden

Cuba means light, color, taste, fun and warmth. With endless sandy beaches and calm turquoise water, Cuba is an island of contrasts, a real wonder of nature.

In Cuba the government is very strict, allowing few freedoms. And still, citizens make the best of their living circumstances.

Cuba remains in a vintage lifestyle, having retro cars, dated TV's, and old age architecture.

In Cuba, any day is a great day to go to the beach. The rich sand, cool weather, and steady waves make the perfect setting for paradise.

Anyone who has ever visited Cuba could tell how friendly the people are. They are almost always smiling and laughing. Visitors are welcomed with a warm greeting, as Cuba is a Popular international tourist destination.

Every aspect of this beautiful country, from the beaches to the food, and thrilling nightlife, there is always something to do. Beyond its issues, Cuba is a great country filled with color and joy.
Cuba, holiday isle of the tropics.
Ever since the rise of Raul Castro' s place in government, nothing in Cuba has been the same. Laws have changed, the economy has shifted, and the country is falling apart.

Several rights and freedom's have been deprived from the people of Cuba. Freedom of speech, press, and the right to an independent life. Everything you do in Cuba is monitored: what you watch, what you read, and even where you go.

What the world knew to be Cuba, as a bright and beautiful country, is no more. Beyond the color, beyond the fun, there is a darker side to this country where peace is of the past and hope is of the future.


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