The Northeast Region By Taylor, Charlotte, meg, eli & danny

The Northeast region's fall foliage is a great tourist attraction.

The Appalachian Mountains run through the entire region. They are the oldest mountains in North America.
The Atlantic Ocean runs along the coast of the northeast region.
Lake Erie borders Pennsylvania.
Lake Ontario borders New York.

These are the 4 most major landforms and waterways in the Northeast.


The northeast has four distinct seasons. Summer, fall, winter, and spring.

Winters are often extremely cold and snowy, Summers are warm and humid. Fall and Spring are both mild.

The four seasons


  • The northeast region fishes for lobster, crab, clams, and of course fish.
  • Manufactured goods come from all over the region.
  • Education is very important in the northeast especially colleges such as Harvard, Yale, and MIT.
  • Hershey, Pennsylvania is home of the Worlds Largest candy factory. For Hersheys
Hershey factory

resources and products

Dairy farming is in New York, Maryland, and Vermont. Manufactured goods come from New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut . The most important products this region produces are maple syrup from Vermont, Lobster, crab and fish from the east coast, cranberries from Massachusetts,and apples from the whole region.

apple orchards
Lobsters from The Northeast

historical sites and landmarks

  • The Liberty Bell stands in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • The Declaration of Independence was signed by Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • The White House stands in Washington DC
  • The Statue of Liberty stands big and tall in New York City
  • The Old North Church in Boston, Massachusetts is also part of the Freedom Trail
  • The Washington Monument in Washington DC stands 555ft tall and honors George Washington
Statue of Liberty is located in New York.

amazing facts:

  • Vermont is the 2nd least populated state. Dairy Farming is the primary source of agriculture.
  • The lowest temperature ever recorded in the Northeast was -52 degrees f at Old Forge , New York February 18, 1979.
  • The windiest place in North America is Mt. Washington, New hampshire.
  • The northeasts' longest island is Long Island , New York which is 118 miles long
Mt Washington, New Hampshire

states and national parks

  • Massachusetts - Adams National Historical Park, learn about Americas history through the eyes of John Adams and his family.
  • Maine - Acadia National Park, see breath taking views of jagged coast lines, and rock climbing. It is also celebrating its 100th anniversary this year!
  • Vermont - Appalachian National Scenic Trail, thru-hiking the Appalachian trail is on many serious hikers bucket lists.
  • New York - African Burial Ground National Monument, honors African Americans. Also the national monument recognizes African heritage.
  • Pennsylvania- Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site, this park was the first railroad built over the Allegheny Mountains.
  • New Hampshire- Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site, its the home studio artwork in garden of american sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens.
  • Maryland-Assateague Island National Seashore- Enjoy the beauty of the wild herd of Assateague horses that roam the beaches and woods.
  • Rhode Island- Blackstone River Valley National Historical park-the park is described as the birthplace of the American industrial revolution.
  • Connecticut- Weir Farm National Historic Site, celebrates the life and work of American impressionist painter Jay Alden Weir.
  • Delaware- First State National Historical Park, famous as the first state to ratify the US constitution.
  • New Jersey-Thomas Edison National Historical Park, features Americas greatest inventors home.
  • Washington DC- Washington Monument, honors George Washington.
Acadia National Park, Maine
Washington Monument Stands 555 feet In Washington DC


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