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My organism is the African Lion and it is also known as the "King of the Jungle".

Habitat: They live in Angola, Botswana,Mozambique, and Tanzania.

Classification: Kingdom-Animalia, Phylum-Chordata, Class-Mammalia, Order-Carnivora, Family-Felidae, Genus- Panthera leo, Species- Panther leo and Panthera leo persica.

Geologic time: Modern cats started to appear 2,600,000 years ago and the fossil record was recorded 700,000 years ago.

Morphological and Molecular Evidence: The closest relatives are the other big cats such as: Tiger, Jaguar, Leopard. They all have sharp canines and hunt at night. They are very similar but they look different. It shows evolution because it shows that their fur changed probably to adapt to their habitat.

Homologous Structures: The lions and small cats are different by size probably because they are not predators but more like prey. Pumas because they can't roar like the lion. Cheetahs don't have big manes like the lion to distinguish the gender of the animal and Cheetahs have spots all round their bodies.

Vestigial Structures: The dew claw because it is found in lions but not found in small cats. Lots of the big cats have different looks and fur that helps them able to hunt and hide for their pray. It shows evolution because the small cat could've evolved into one of the big cats we know today.

Transitional Fossils: They are fossils that look similar to the animal we know today and we can compare the fossils on how they changed and how did they evolved through the years.

Comparative Embryology: It shows how they develop through their life cycle and shows how they use their features to survive.

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