2018 Abundance Live Hosted by Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach and Robert's Seafood Market

Erin's Pavilion was a new venue for Abundance Live, this year and it was a huge hit with our guests.

The Robert's Seafood staff served up a lot of warm gumbo.

The gumbo was soooo good, people kept stopping by to get more!

And what is an Abundance Live event without the infamous crab cheese ball? These treats kept getting plated and flying out the door as our guests kept them in high-demand.

The shrimp boil was taking place right outside the windows on the terrace.
As people registered with our staff, they headed to their table and then the buffet line.

Georgia Winson, President and Chief Executive Officer for Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach, gave a few words about counting our blessings and through participation at the evening's festivities, the guests were all a part of world-wide life saving efforts happening every day at Mission Outreach.

The room was full of people who are all family to Mission Outreach.
The Zydeco Crawdaddy's had a great time entertaining our guests and even brought up a few crowd participants to play the washboard.
What is an event without a warm executive chef created peach cobbler with fresh berries?

We had quite a few people that felt the spirit that the Zydeco Crawdaddy's presented and what a great group!

The house was full and what a fun bunch! We saw some old faces and some new ones too.
Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach and Robert's Seafood would like to thank everyone that participated in the evening's events from the food, short clip about the work currently being done in Kenya, silent auction, live entertainment and lottery tree. It is through support at these events that make sending medical supplies and equipment to the low-resource countries around the world--possible. Your support and generosity is recognized by how we are changing the world-TOGETHER!



Photo credits: Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach and (1) Erin's Pavilion

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