Women's March Andrew Saleumlok

Will this march really help for women’s rights?

Protesters believe the march is helpful for the women’s rights because of immigration, health care and a general antipathy to Trump. Also people wanted to show support for women’s rights during Trump's presidency. Joanne Gascoyne says "I'm really here for women and to inspire my granddaughters to carry on.” The women’s march movement inspired the youth to stand up for their rights.

Does this show if there’s a impact on policy and election in the future?

Their message was that many saw themselves as the root of a movement that could have a real impact on policy and elections for years to come. The success of the march shows the potential for its message to rally the grassroots of activism. According to Evan Siegfried he states that “Working to address issues of importance to the Women’s March movement will not only help to protect Republicans from backlash manifesting itself in future election losses, but also combat the falsehood that the party is engaged in a war on women.” This explains that Republicans will be protected by the women’s march because of how strong the movement is growing.

Should Trump really not allow women from different places into the U.S who are in need?

Well Trump signed an executive order that bans all immigrants and visa holders from seven majority-Muslim countries from entering the US for 90 days. This opens to more country based bans in the future. There was a 120-day refugee ban but when it ends, refugees will only be allowed to enter the US if they come from countries where the US government believe in places that “ensure the security and welfare of the United States.” This means that the Trump administration will only let refugees from countries who are stable for the Trump administration to trust. The international law defines refugees as people who are fleeing persecution (at the hands of the government) on particular areas when the U.S. trusts a country to keep its citizens safe, it doesn’t usually accept refugees from that country says the Trump administration.

How come feminist men were included in the women’s march?

Men went to the national mall to rally for women and gender equality, and also stand up for other marginalized groups and pressing issues. Also Jossif Ezekilov says, “for too long the women’s movement has not had male participation. Even the most liberal men among us have seen this as a women’s only issue.” He continues, “breaking down a lot of these gender barriers helps everybody.” This shows men can also attend at the march to fight for equal rights.

How come race is another main point that connects to the women’s march?

One reason is to create a feminist movement that includes women of all backgrounds together. As Brittney Cooper, an assistant professor from Rutgers University explained “Intersectionality simply means that there are lots of different parts to our womanhood and those parts race, gender, sexuality, and religion, and ability are not incidental or auxiliary. They matter politically.” But the original organizers of the march were white, which raised questions about if the march would take the problems of women who were colored into the situation. After that three women of color who are experienced activists and organizers joined Bob Bland, he was one of the first women to organize the march on social media.

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