Florida By korbin sadlowski

Floridas ocean

Floridas climate is hot and rainy because of its location near the Atlantic Ocean,the Gulf of Mexico and it is near the equator.

Drought happens based of the lack of water

Droughts effect Florida by crop damage and no water for the animals.

thunder storms effect florida alot

Thunder storms effect florida by damaging houses.

Hurricanes affects Florida by causing millions of dollars worth the damage.

Florida is a penisula

A peninsula is a piece of land that is almost surrounded by water.


Florida was effected by the iceage by making it three times smaller.

a beach in Florida

Florida's landforms water sea level is elevating.

Barrier island are a coastel landform and a type of dune.

a barrier island to protect

Barrier islands are important to florida because mitigating ocean swells.

the ocean we eat from

The atlantic and the gulf of mexico provide shrimp and lobster for the public.

lumber is easy to get these days

Lumber is a valuable resource to florida.It provides us tools,teansportation and shelter.

this is phosphate

Phosphate is an important resource to florida because its used to make calcium phosphate.

limestone is found every where

Limestone is a important resource to florida because is ccomposed to paint.

oil is fuel

Oil is a important resource to florida because it is used has a fuel.

renewable resource

A renewable resource is a resource that you can use again.a nonrenewable resource is something you cant use again.

Floridas wetland are important because they asorb water so we don't flood.

a lake
  1. Many lakes formed in central florida because

rain collected in places the world sank.


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