South China Tiger A Tiger from China

Do you know what a South China Tiger is? If you do. Did you know that they are endangered and are only less than 20 left in the world. In this article you will learn about how you can save the South China Tiger and how you can help it get food.

How to save the South China Tiger

If you start to illegally hunting for food you might kill a South China tiger’s prey and the Tigers will start to starve and you when people start hunting they sometimes shoot South China Tiger’s home and then they will have nowhere to live and then soon there will be no more and when there are growing populations that also kills the tiger’s and when you kill the South China Tiger people also make fur coats out of animals like the South China Tiger.

How to help the South China Tiger’s get food

When people start illegal hunting they sometimes kill a South China Tigers prey and there prey is animals and the animals that the South china tiger likes is sometimes there prey eats them before they can eat them so that is why you and sometimes the tigers eat poison prey and people have to stop letting them eat poisoned food. Since they are endangered you want to try to catch there food so they can stay alive and not starve.

Now you know how to save the South China Tiger and how to keep them alive and helping them get food. Since you know how to do save them and help them get prey. Let’s start doing those things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you want to learn about the South China Tiger more go to the link right here.

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