Birmingham Riots Relatable to police brutality by mathew vierling

Birmingham riots information

What lead to the riot is when african americans are trying to get the right to vote there peaceful protest turned violent. It toke place may 2-10 1963 in Birmingham Alabama. commissioner of public safety bull conner ordered his police to hose them down and attack them with dogs.

What the event is that african americans are not equal to white americans so they tried to do is to give african americans the right to vote. so the whites did not like the idea to be equal to the african americans to them it was not okay. so they did what they believe was the good idea and start a riot and try to blame it on the african americans.

who was involved in the event was african americans who wanted the right to vote in Alabama. important people were Martin luther king Jr who planned the event and Bull Connor who told the police to use dogs and hoses. how did the Bull Conner impact the event it was a peaceful protest turned to violence because of what Bull Connor told police.

Here are some obstacles they had to over come to achieve there goals. they had to deal with dogs and hoses because they were protesting peacefully. and the worst of all is they had to deal with racism that was the biggest obstacle i ever seen and most other people seen.

The lasting impact of the event showed the federal government that they wont ever give up there dream of being equal. It gave African Americans the right to vote in Alabama.

I believe that the Birmingham riots are like police brutality today. because the police used violence instead of peacefully working it out.

Citation; C N Trueman "Birmingham 1963" The History Learning Site, 27 Mar 2015. 16 Aug 2016.

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