Beauty is defined as a combination of qualities, (shape, color, or form), that pleases the aesthetic senses especially of the sight. Beauty to me is more than just physical appearance, it’s something that is felt within ones self. Beauty is being bold, beauty is having self-confidence, and most importantly beauty is all of the characteristics that make you who you are today. Over the course of six weeks, I have experimented with creating beauty portraits. I chose to do this in two ways: 1. Natural (meaning very little makeup (i.e. hint of lipstick/none at all) and 2. Glamour (i.e makeup such as lipstick, eyeshadow, glitter, props, etc.) Coming up with different ways to present beauty in both men and women was so much fun. I do not believe that beauty can only be defined by a woman, it can be defined as a man too because we’re all beautiful in our own way. With these shoots, I wanted to break boundaries and the stereotypical way that people think when they hear the word "beauty." I was able to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with a variety of different people with short hair, long hair, dreads, very little hair, etc. Each week I found myself challenging myself and thinking what can I do next to showcase beauty but in a creative way and I really feel that each week I implemented that within my work. Overall it was fun to come up with different ideas so that my models could represent the type of beauty that I was going for. These final images represent not just my model, but me as well and my interpretation of beauty.


Meet Dana Woodard. I chose Dana for this shoot because I wanted to take her out of her comfort zone. When we first met I noticed how laidback and comfortable she was in her own skin and that's what drew me to ask her to be my model. I never have seen her dress up or wear makeup so I thought it would be fun for the both of us to experiment. I wanted to show that there's another side to her other than her comfortability.
Left-Right: Meet Brittany Cheri and Spain Keys. I chose Brittany because of her graceful and innocent face. For her shoot, I chose to do a natural look and the rest was all her. As for Spain, I surprisingly haven't worked with her which is why I decided to give it a shot because she has this natural, exotic look about her that I felt I needed to capture on camera.
Meet Tara Wilson. I have chosen Tara because of one main thing; her dreads. In the Rastafarian culture, dreads exemplifies a sign of beauty so I basically took that idea and ran with it. Tara is also new to the school so her fresh face also helped add to the look I was going for.
Meet Kenyatta Dudley. I have worked with Kenyatta many times before and chose him because of his hair and how different it made him look compared to the rest of society. Not a a lot of people have a hairstyle such as his so I used that to my advantage. He just has this look about him that makes him look fierce when being photographed. Kenyatta would fall under natural beauty for males.
Kenyatta Dudley
Meet Raquez Rouse. I chose to photograph him because as I mentioned before, I don’t believe that beauty can only be defined by a woman; it can be defined by a man as well. Since we have worked together before, I decided to take a different approach and photographed him wearing makeup. When I began planning this shoot I thought that he would be perfect for this shoot because he has so much energy and personality. I distinctively remember when I worked with him a few years ago and how much spunk he brought to the shoot. He was just completely energetic, took direction well, and wasn’t afraid to try new poses without given direction.
Meet Niah Owens. Surprisingly, this was my first time working with Niah and I chose her because of her desire to pursue her modeling career. It was a win win for both of us because I got images for my portfolio while she got images for her modeling portfolio. I also chose Niah because of her natural beauty, she has full lips, eccentric eyes, and is just all around gorgeous.
Niah Owens


LaKenya Furr

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