La Iglesia Santa Eulalia A unesco world heritage site

The site that I chose is a very beautiful historical site that is why I chose it because it is a place where we can interact with nature but also we will be seeing something historical that is similar to the sites of beings.The visit to the WHS is a very beautiful thing that I think that the people who visit are very fond of it and enjoy the visit a lot because they can interact with the history. Is a story based on the antiquity of that place

This site is very important for all because there we can enjoy many things like a pleasant atmosphere but also is a site that has an interesting history based on the ancient times of that site and if this site disappeared people could not enjoy something so nice Like that site.

The place is very caring for the people who work there because it is a place they want a lot and they try hard to keep it alive and beautiful and for this also to some rules like that do not get to touch things very fragile and old place.

This site is in the Palma of Mallorca , Spain if you are from Spain you can go by car as do many people but if you live in another part of the world far away from Spain you would have to go to the place by plane that would be the easiest way To reach this beautiful place the truth is that I highly recommend this site because they are going to like it a lot I think it is worth going and enjoying it all.

People always protect this site because it is something beautiful that all people should know because it is a place where we can enjoy a lot but also we can be calm are problems and in total calm and also is a place that is also religious because it is a church Where they also talk about God and that makes it a unique place and we must all protect because it has a lot of variety and not all sites have it.

To this place we can arrive through the airline (skyscanner)

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Dianco Pena Medina


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