Save the Rhino "a life is worth more than a horn"

The rhino is practically extinct. from 2008 to 2012 the numbers of rhinos poached annually has increased by 600. poachers have used the excuse of poaching rhinos for the horn to use as medicine, but in reality sold it for thousands of dollars, even after the horn has been proven to pose no medical value. we have killed off dozens of innocent species already, and to have another gone for our grand kids to never see is one less happy memory at the zoo. one less smile. and in your last moments, a smile is worth a lot. The horn of one rhino is not worth all of the joy that rhino can bring people. many sites and organizations are phonies, but save the rhino has a great reputation for reliability. rhinos are some of the most endangered species of animal in existence, as well as the coolest. many would also agree that they are extremely durable creatures with a high pain tolerance.

The rhino. the heavyweight champion of Africa.

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