Death Penalty/ Capital Punishment Nabila Alqadumi

Detroit News

Headline: Lawmaker Crusades Against Death Penalty in Alabama

By: Anthony Izaguirre

"Montgomery, Ala- Hank Sanders closed his eyes, pressed his hand to his forehead and tried to recall the first time he petitioned the state of Alabama abolish the death penalty." (Detroit News)

This is an example of a Summary Lead. This is a summary lead because it explains what the article is about and contains the essence of the story.

Who: Hank Sanders. He is a lawmaker.

What: Hank Sanders is petitioning against the Death Penalty.

Where: Alabama, United States.

When: March 18, 2017. That was when the article was written.

Why: Hank Sanders believed that it has defied national trends and also believes it unfairly targets African Americans.

"For nearly two decades, Sanders has introduced bills to end Alabama's ability to take a person's life- an unsuccessful endeavor in a state that has defied national trends away from Capital Punishment and still houses one of the country's largest death row populations." (Detroit news)

"Sanders is deterred, claiming that the death penalty strictly affects African Americans." (Detroit News)

How: Hanks Sanders purposes new bills to replace the death penalty and get it revoked.

Concluding statement the author wrote: "Though Sanders' crusade has never gotten far, he insists that many lawmakers quietly agree capital punishment should be ended but fear losing votes: 'There have been other politicians who have said to me, privately, 'You're right but I can't touch that.'"


Izaguirre, Anthony. "Lawmaker Crusades against Death Penalty in Alabama." Detroit News. Associate Press, 19 Mar. 2017. Web. 20 Mar. 2017.

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