The Next Four Years Jayce Pearl

Climate Change is a growing concern in today's society and has been for quite some time. With the increased usage of the globe's resources and man-made waste, climate change is happening at an alarming rate. We need the leaders of the world's countries to take control of their nations and try to eliminate the risks that we now face due to our own doing. What will Trump do?

What are Trump's thoughts?

The Donald has had varying thoughts over the years. In the early 2010's, Trump used to call climate change a "Chinese hoax" to calling it an urgent problem closer to his campaign era.

He has had a long road with his ever-changing opinion on the topic. His mind essentially changes month to month. In December on '09 he signed a letter calling for urgent action. His Twitter rampages bloomed in '12-'14, claiming bogus accusations that science is paying for climate change to happen.

In 2014 he donated money to fight against climate change to a foundation called Protect Our Winters, and then not even a whole year later, stated that he wasn't a believer in global warming.

Now, as we come out of his campaign era and prepare to enter his administration, we will deal with a President who chose a world leading global warming skeptic as the leader of the EPA transition and continues to go back and forth from saying he didn't or he did call it one big Chinese Hoax.

Cabinet Positions

Widely known global warming skeptic Scott Pruitt is the chosen nominee to be the leader of Trump's Environmental Protection Agency. Like Trump, Pruitt has quite the history of doubting the terrors and questioning the world.

A self-acclaimed "leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda,” Pruitt has sued the agency multiple times, as well as several other government entities because of environmental rules and regulations, typically at times in direct cooperation with fossil fuel companies (

In the past Pruitt has questioned scientist's opinions on the connected between climate and mankind and has even tried claiming that fracking has no correlation to water polution even with existing scientific evidence of the said correlation. Probably not the wisest choice for the leader of the EPA transition.

Administration Impact

I believe that Trump won't do much to change the impact of climate change in both negative and positive ways. Based on things I've read or listened to regarding or coming directly from Trump, I don't think he cares enough to make an effort to make a change.

Jeff Malet

If there changes do wind up occuring, I think they will only be ones that will benefit him or the business he spent years building. What I mean by this is for example adding green technology to his hotels to draw green activists to stay at his hotel, therefore earning him more money. Essentially; the changes would mostly benefit him, not the country.


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