Agriculture project Ella Meyer

-The first agriculral revolution, also known as the Neolithic Revolution, this is the transformation of human societies from hunting and farming. This occurred between 10,000 BC and 2,000 BC.

The first crop grown by humans is wheat in the Middle East

-The second revolution occurred from 1700 to 1900 in developed countries. used technology provided by the Industrial Revolution to increase production and distribution of products. -Farming has changed alot because before farming people had to hunt and find food, and farming ment that people didnt have to travel to find there food.

-The third agricultural revolution happened in the late 1900's. It helped farmers all over the world by improving crops and increased the growth of the crops.

Modern day farming.

The differnace between subsistence, sustainable, and commercial farming is, subsistence they sell locally and they harvest it themselves. Commercial is highly processed and they often will combine harvesters.

Fun facts: -The average cow produces 7 gallons of milk a day -bananas are the number 1 fruit crop in the world -aproxomitly 60% of farmers are over the age of 55 -livestock feeds about 1.4 million people


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