It Gives Me... By Aditi


It gives me joy when I do gymnastics. Just the thought of me being able to do gymnastics makes me happy and excited. When I learn a new trick and get it right, that makes me proud and gives me bundles of joy. Gymnastics is just one of the reasons that makes me happy,
Another thing that gives me joy is the last day of school. Everybody is screaming and laughing and having fun, which gets me enthusiastic and delighted. Also, the thought of me moving on to a higher grade level makes me wonder about all the wonderful opportunities I have during that time. All the happiness just keeps building up.
Making new friends also gives me joy. This year I have made many new friends that I can rely on. My friends always make me laugh and they show me what fun really is. It makes me happy from just meeting them everyday. My friends are a big part of my happiness.


I really hope that I get to go to Harvard University. It will be amazing to start a career from there, and I will also get to experience Massachusetts. Harvard University is my dream college and I really hope I get to be a student there.
Aside from Harvard, dancing gives me a lot of hope. I really want to be successful in my dancing career. I hope I become a dance teacher for those kids who want to become really good. Dancing is my passion and I hope that I keep doing it.
Becoming a doctor, specifically a pediatrician, gives me hope. I really want to be successful financially, and I love treating people. I feel like being a doctor is good job for me, and I hope I get to become one.


It gives me pride when I stand up for someone else. When I stand up for someone else, they come and thank me for what I did. That makes me feel special and that I actually matter. Also, this gives me a chance to make new friends. If I stand up for someone, I will always remember it.
Hearing compliments from other people also gives me pride. Compliments make me feel like I am good at something. Compliments make me feel like I have a talent, and I feel really proud when I hear one.
Moving on, leadership is a quality that makes me proud. If I get announced as a leader, it would make me feel important. If I become a leader in anything, then I will be very proud of myself and continue to be a leader in that very topic.


High School gives me pause. I sometimes worry about how my grades are going to end up and if the electives I chose are going to interest me or not. Mostly I think about all the amazing activities I am planning on taking part in, and everything that I will experience and learn. High School is a mystery.
The new year, 2017, also gives me pause. I wonder what new things will be invented and what goals people have kept for themselves. Maybe something extraordinary will happen this year, who knows?
Decision making is another thing that gives me pause. For example, my friends ask me to go to the movies on a school night, but I still have a lot of homework and I can't stay up late. If I say yes, then I will be behind in school, and if I say no then I would let my friends down. I thought about it and decided to say no, but at the same time I told them another time. Decision making is sure hard sometimes.


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