Oakfield News Issue 81 - 29th January 2021

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Note from our Head

One of the things that we have had to get used to over the last year is less face-to-face interaction and far more screen-time. I, perhaps more than most, am an advocate for limiting the amount of time we have to be on our screens. However, in the current situation where there are few other options to engage socially or culturally, it can be a very good thing to keep our horizons broader than our living rooms and to support people or institutions that are going through a tough time by offering our time or money to them.

Later on in the Newsletter we celebrate the return of the ISA Limitless Skills which I hope many of the children from Upper Foundation and above will take part in. There are also a number of other events listed in our 'Beyond the Oak' section, from drama and dance workshops to inspiring talks and virtual libraries. Technology often does feel like the bane of our lives, but it has proven to be nigh-on essential and if used safely and productively then it can be a balm during lockdown.

If you are interested I would also encourage you to take part in the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend. Sign up for all you need at the link below including a quiz they are doing tonight through Facebook and I wish you luck spotting our feathered friends in the green spaces near you.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Moyra Thompson



As part of our science lessons this week, Year 6 have been looking at ways of generating electricity. We discussed some of the different ways electricity is generated around the world and carried out an investigation into the current produced by the reaction between citrus fruits and zinc. Constructing a circuit using lemons, we posed the question, ‘How many lemons does it take to light an LED?’ We took the investigation further by exploring other citrus fruits, to see if they would produce the same results. Although we couldn’t come up with a definitive answer, oranges did a fantastic job too!


Year 2 have had a creative week in the snow and in the ‘class’.

We made and designed our own island too.

The children are taking the opportunity to discover their creative and artistic talents.

Well done Year 2!


In Mathematics this week we have been discussing ‘Measuring’. The children were encouraged to go on a hunt around the house and compare/ order lengths and heights from smallest to tallest.

We hope you enjoyed watching our young poets last week. In English we have continued to work on Poems. The theme this week is Winter and crisp snowy days. Enjoy some of the photos of Year 1 having fun in the snow!


An exciting Virtual Library from the National Literacy Trust has opened! Every week a popular children's author or illustrator will provide you with free books, exclusive videos and their top three recommended reads.

The wonderful Jacqueline Wilson is their first Author of the Week. Click on the link below and enjoy!


ISA Limitless Skills Series 2021 Launch

We were delighted that Oakfield came top nationally in the Limitless Skills Series 2020. For the 2021 series we want to keep ourselves at the top of the leaderboard, but even more importantly, we want all Oakfield children to stay active and healthy this term.

I am really looking forward to seeing as many Oakfield children, Upper Foundation to Year 6, take on the challenges of the new Limitless Series. As their coach I can see every single one that is done. See the message from the ISA below for details on how to take part, register, download the app and have fun!

Mr Bower, Director of Sport

Oakfield winners!
And another one!

Limitless Skills Series is back... at home!

Hundreds of schools and students competed and got active in the Autumn of 2020, and now the Series is back! Be sure to see if you or your child made the 2021 Series Video.

The Limitless Skills Series at Home is here for 6 weeks to ensure every pupil has access to fun and competition while in the classroom or remote learning from home.

Every week, new Challenges will be released. Every Challenge is broken down by age. The standard will be displayed in the TopYa! Active app description and tutorial video. In order for your points to count on your national and school leaderboard, be sure to complete the challenge set for your age.

Players with an existing TopYa! account have to simply click 'Sign in Here' on the below Web Registration Link and then log in to their TopYa! app, to join the new Series.

60 total challenges. 300+ points to earn. 6 weeks. The competition starts now!

For more information, head to ISA's Limitless Skills Series at Home and for specific enquiries email support@topya.com.

Thank you,

The Independent Schools Association and TopYa! Active


OAFs Virtual Quiz - 12th March


Drama Workshops with Miss B!

"Hello, Miss B here! I miss seeing everyone's faces at school and hope that everyone is doing well at home. Now that we've all become a little bit more settled in online learning, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to let everyone know that my Performing Arts company is offering online workshops for children between the ages of 4 and 11. It's the perfect way for your little one to let off some energy in a wonderfully creative way. If your child has an interest in the performing arts, would benefit from some extra confidence boosting or just wants to let off some steam in a fun environment, then this is the place for them! I hope to see many familiar faces there!"

Free Empowering Kids Workshop

You will leave the workshop feeling confident and less stressed!

This is a 45 minute fun and active workshop. Suitable for parents or guardians with kids. All siblings welcome!

You will receive a FREE HAPPY dance video tutorial link at the end of the workshop!

Workshop will be facilitated by Marrielle Monte, author of Award Winning children's book, Magic Thinking for Kids. Her book teaches kids they can change their feelings simply by changing their thoughts! Marrielle is a Happy Activist and for the past 7 years has taught hundreds and hundreds of kids how to lead a happier life

Philip Pullman and Michael Rosen Virtual Event

On March 16th there is a rare opportunity to listen to the acclaimed and inspiring children’s authors, Philip Pullman and Michael Rosen, in conversation about children’s literature. Philip Pullman will be talking about his writing and some of the stories and ideas behind his influential and much loved books. And the event is FREE - you just need to register at the link below.

Virtual Chess Tournament

Pupils of all years are invited to the upcoming King Edward's Witley virtual chess competition on the 6th February at 11am. Details below!


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