My treasured object By Hailey R.

One of my most treasured objects I have is my pet pig, Peppa The Pig I am so thankful to have a pig as a pet when I don't live on a farm. I got my pig last spring she was 13 pounds at the time now she is about 300-400 pounds. My pig Peppa is spechel to me because she was going to be a family pet just like all of the rest of our pets in our family.Now she ended up being mine.

This is my pig Peppa the week we got her!!!!
This is a pig scale this is supposed to represent that when I look back from when I got y pig she was 13 pounds exact. When I compared Peppa now to then that's not a lot.

I'm glad that I got to spend my spring,summer,fall,and now my winter with my pet pig. I never thought that I would ever have a pet pig I don't even know what got into my head when I wanted a pig,all I know is that it all started at my neighbor's wedding. Another reason why my pig is special to me is most people that have pig don't get to do the things that I get to do with my pig.

This is my pig Peppa and I in the fall,winter,summer

I have taught my pig a lot of things so far Peppa can sit, roll, swim, And she likes to play catch some what. Peppa doesn't know how to drop the ball yet. I think Peppa also enjoyed to push her bowling ball. Peppa also enjoys dancing in the rain and taking a lot of pictures.

Peppa has a bowling ball that looks like this that she loves to play with.

I will never forget my treasured object because I love my pig Peppa. Me and my family got my pig somewhere around baraboo WI. When we got to the farm and we picked out what pig I wanted I asked if the pig was a girl or a boy. The whole time my dad wanted a boy but I wanted a girl. Peppa ended up being a girl. My family and I had a lot of questions for the farmer that we got Peppa from. I feel that I am a lucky girl to have a pet pig as a pet.

Peppa is mine now and I love her so much.

This is Peppa the pig!!!!!

First time in the pig pen outside!!

When Peppa was little she liked to be dressed up and played with.

When we got Peppa.

When we got peppa it was to cold outside for her. We kept Peppa in our house for a night then in our garage.

Peppa loves to root in the ground.

My dad and I have had to change Peppas pen a lot through our adventure.

This is why we had to change her pen. Peppa kept getting bigger and stronger so we had to make some changes.

Peepa and I in the snow!! Peppa loves food.
Peppa loves taking pictures when she sees your phone.

But me and my dad couldn't let her go because she is like family to us know.

Our adventures together!!

I'm glad to have pig as a pet in my back yard.

Peppa the pig is my forever treasured object to me.

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