The Airsoft & MilSim News Blog is an award winning news site specialising in premium quality reviews and presentations for the airsoft, milsim and the tactical industry. The News Blog has a collective experience in emergency services, outdoor activities like bushcraft and mountain hiking, competition shooting and airsoft MilSim. The blog's team is quite versatile and does not situate in only one country or region but is mainly a team of dedicated people focused in Europe.

Our Main Objective

The Airsoft & MilSim News Blog's main objective is to provide news and articles for multiple target audiences (Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilian audiences) around the world. The News Blog creates premium content for them in a structured format which utilises known strategies to engage with the audience and create impact marketing material.

With these materials, the News Blog has been able to build an audience of 300,000 Blog readers, over 26,400 Facebook followers and over 7,200 Instagram Followers (as of 2017) each year and has been increasing since. This has however not been possible without gaining support and sponsorship from many retailers, manufacturers and other relevant companies in the industry.

Our Content

The Airsoft & MilSim News Blog's main content provisions are the news snippets either sourced by the team itself or sourced to the team by its sponsors. These posts are very basic and provide a form of sustenance which provides the readers with a quick update on what is going on in the industries that they are most interested in. From new products to upcoming events, these news articles keep the readers well informed and up to date on a daily basis.

The core of our efforts go into product reviews that are either acquired by the team or provided by our partners and sponsors. These products go through a rigorous process of social media, inspection and stress testing before finally having a review article published. We dedicate ourselves to being capable critics who will not sway from the truth and try our best to make sure that each product is inspected with the same eye for detail. We want our readers to have the most informed choice available to them after having read our reviews and our sponsors respect us for it.

Members of the team take regular opportunities to participate in special events and document them as such for our readers to experience as well. These events range from showcases to special experiences where our readers may or may not have access. These articles are focused on capturing our experiences and making sure that readers know what they are going to experience if they decide to attend as well in the future.

Outside of events, we also write many side articles which range from interesting facts to info graphics with relevant information relating to the industry or other interests that our audience may find of use. These articles have little limitations and presents our diversity towards creating premium content.

The Airsoft & MilSim News Blog has a constant presence in many social media streams such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These streams are monitored by the team and used to market and advertise different articles and news that are being posted on the news site. With experience in impact marketing, the team use different marketing strategies on these streams in order to maximise the exposure of the content created for the News Blog.

Our Sponsors

We would not be where we are if it were not for our sponsors. The Airsoft & MilSim News Blog has an increasing range of companies who sponsor the blog from contributions to insights into the industry. Our collaborations with our sponsors have created a healthy co-existence which has proven to increase the output of all parties.

How Retailers Support Us

Retailers such as Redwolf Airsoft, Military 1st and Gunfire have helped us by providing products which create content and material for our readers to digest. In return, the retailers have been given access to advertising through these materials and have prospered from these types of transactions.

The popularity of the material produced has also given insight for retailers to focus on whether or not the products in question are worth investing more resources towards or not.

How Manufacturers Support Us

Manufacturers such as Tasmanian Tiger, UF PRO, Action Sports Games, Vega Force Company, RWA and Helikon-Tex just to name a few have supported the blog by providing exclusive news and products with which creates content and exclusive postings to attract current and new readers to the blog. This has proven to increase marketing potential for these manufacturers and their products during their most important product launch periods and life cycles.

Whether these products are new or current, our reviews and articles have helped create feedback from not only us but also our readers into how the manufacturers can further improve their products and services for the future.

How Other Companies Support Us

Companies ranging from military training to event hosting services have also been the forefront to our success at gaining a loyal readership. They have given us the opportunity to participate in their services and events, allowing us to give an insight to experiences that may or may not be available to our target audiences. Whether it be war gaming, outdoor physical challenges or training to rappel down a military helicopter, we have had the opportunity to experience and document all of these scenarios for our readers to enjoy.

These experiences have manifested in the form of articles and media in which not only adds to their marketing potential for these companies, but also gives them an understanding of how our impact marketing can further improve their businesses and their clientele.

What We Can Do For You

If you are a company who is interested in collaborating with us and becoming a sponsor, we would love to hear from you. We have a range of marketing services available and are more than happy to try and cater what you need with what we can offer. Being able to provide content for our readers is not just a hobby, but a passion for us as we get to give so much back to the community, who made us who we are today.


Thank you for supporting us

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