Cape Town South Africa

Why Should I go?- Cape Town is a very fun and cost effective vacation to take. It is very unique with many activities to keep you busy. Plus, its a peninsula so the beach is always a option.

Flights- for 2 adults from Ohio, round trip with 2 stops is around $1,779. Other flight prices may vary depending on location, number of stops, and seasons.

Places to stay-Glenn Boutique Hotel and Spa is a 4 star hotel that costs around $247 a night. Another hotel would be the Kumbaya House West beach, it also has a 4 star rating and is only $70 a night.

Kumbaya House West Beach
Glenn Boutique Hotel and Spa

Activities-Tours of the island, shopping downtown, swimming in the ocean, parasailing, skydiving and hiking in the mountains.

Places to visit- Boulders Beach, Robben Island, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, The Cape Wheel, and Table Mountain

Transportation- Uber, Busses, Trains, Monorail, Taxis, bicycle, renting a vehicle. Uber would be the cheapest option unless you decide to go by bike.

Food- Street Vendors, Restaurants, and Markets. All of these options are inexpensive and have very good food.

Culture-South Africa's cultureĀ is pretty much the same as our culture. The only difference is their language. On a daily basis they enjoy surfing tournaments, go to the beach , and serve amazing food. This is a place you won't want to miss.

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