John Wayne Gacy The killer clown

John Wayne Gacy was a serial killer mostly known in his time as the killer clown.

This is his alter ego Pogo the clown. He would often got to kids parties to make the them more familiar with him so he would seem less threatening when he would try to lure them to his van.
Gacy’s childhood was that to be expected of a serial killer. He had an abusive, alcoholic father that would beat his sister and him with a razor strap. He often got bullied for being chubby and for having a congenital heart condition
John Wayne Gacy suffered alienation while at school due to his heart condition at a young age. It was while he was in school he realized his attraction to boys.
Gacy would obtain his victims was by promising young boys inappropriate videos in order to convince them to his house. He would lure his victims down in different ways like offering rides, drugs and pornographic pictures or videos.
Jeffrey Rignall was one of the few victims of Gacy’s to escape. After picking him up Gacy knocked him out with a rag covered in chloroform. Ringall was then viciously raped tortured, and drugged. He was able to survive, escape and tell his story to the police giving them all the details
One piece of evidence used in the trial was a glove they found in his trash can on his front yard. It was found in the trash can covered in blood. Another piece of evidence was a video filmed of an investigator interviewing Gacy. They got him to admit to killing 29 young boys. All of this pinned the murders to John Wayne Gacy.
During an interrogation Gacy was alleged to have confessed and even drew a map of the body placements, Gacy states ”The only thing I’m guilty of is running an unlicensed cemetery" (Gacy). He is referring to the twenty- nine bodies buried in the crawl space under his home and in his yard.
Later on in life John Wayne Gacy's father apologized for the damage he has caused. In trial John Wayne Gacy never blamed his father for anything and said he was perfect

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