Leadership by: Devshree


Important leadership qualities; being selfless, to be brave and the last is to be confident in what you do

Katniss portrays all these qualities in the Hunger Games

Katniss from the Hunger Games


The hidden quality is standing up for others

She protected her sister to refrain from her going into the Hunger Games. In that moment she only thought of getting her sister to safety, and did not care if she had to take her place in the event. Because Katniss would rather have her sister be safe. She put her sister before herself, and this is a quality leaders should have because it shows you care and respect others

Risk Taker

The quality hidden inside the main character trait is bravery

Katniss took many risks to get her people to safety. She had to make many sacrifices which took bravery because even though it may have hurt, it was the right thing to do. She broadcasted a video from a real life bombed district rather than a simulation. This was a big risk because if they had gotten caught it would be the end of them. But she strived forward because she knew it was necessary.


The hidden quality is being courageous.

Katniss showed she was confident all through the Hunger Games. She confidently stepped forward to protect her sister, and to be in the Hunger Games. She was not shaken up when faced with a problem. She would think it thoroughly, and come up with a solution. She courageously led a group of rebel challengers, Katniss's rebelling inspired many other peoples rebel mode, and soon she was leading a group to take down the government


Katniss had alot of good leadership qualities. Including being selfless, taking risks, and being confident. The in-between hidden character traits, were standing up for others, being brave and showing courage.

I think that if a leader shows these important leadership qualities they can truly be called a good leader.


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