Testicular the body part that testicular cancer is found in is the testicles

What happens to the cells are the cells that are not normal begin to grow out of control in the testicles.

The possible effects-swollen testicles, heaviness and fluid buildup in the scrotum

There are no environmental factors but one health factor is old age.

Most people get testicles cancer genetically. They get it from their parents DNA. Genetics accounts 20% of get this cancer. That's one of the reason it is hard to prevent because you get it genetically so you really can't do anything about it.

Surgery-Inguinal Orchiectomy: The removal of one or two testicles

Medications- Hormone: Affects body processes by regulating the activity of the organs.

Chemotherapy- 3 cycle of BEP ( Bleomycin, Etoposide, and Cisplatin):this is used when the cancer spreads

Health:More exercise less alcohol and tobacco and keep stress levels down. Eating:Eating small portion every 2 to 3 hrs. because you could loss or gain weight. Eat healthy after treatment.

Tumor maker are used to test to see if there is cancer in the body. A CT scan is used to detect testicular cancer. Mostly found in white men form ages 15-40 years old. Testicular cancer is really rare only 1% of men get this cancer.

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