'' afai o loo e faamamafaina, o oe o se atasema; malologa o le ki''. If you're stressed, you're a mess; relaxation is key.

Mission Statement

Taimi Paganoa is a place to get away from stress and work. To enjoy life and everything in it. You will be trusted and you will trust us, so welcome.

Community rules

  1. NO swearing.
  2. Must exercise for at least 30 minutes/daily.
  3. NO fighting.
  4. Only healthy foods, no junk.
  5. Must sleep for 8 hours every night.
  6. Respect all wildlife and whatever comes in.
  7. Freedom of speech, but still no swearing.
  8. Wear full clothing.
  9. Check in with the head quarters once a month, so we no your good.
  10. You have to vote for anything we do.
We live in ko lipe. It's very beautiful here and we enjoy every moment.

This is what our days look like.

  • 10 a.m- Wake up and get breakfast at I hop
  • 11 a.m- Still at I hop
  • 12 noon- GO get a massage
  • 1 p.m- Still getting a massage
  • 2 p.m- Go get lunch at chik fil a
  • 3 p.m- Finish eating lunch
  • 4 p.m- Go play basketball
  • 5 p.m- Still playing basketball
  • 6 p.m- GO to the beach
  • 7 p.m- Still relaxing at the beach
  • 8 p.m- Go to Benny Hanna for a delicious dinner
  • 9 p.m- Still eating yummy shrimp
  • 10 p.m- Go to bed

We have a monarchy government, where kings and queens rule our land.

Why come to Taimi Paganoa

You should stay because a lot of people in the world are always stressed. You will have a awesome time what ever we do. You can do whatever you feel fits you, so come and stay here.

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