15 years of my life in 4 Vignettes Anders Fish


It’s cold and snowy and me and my friends decide to ski off the side of a mountain, not the best idea. My friends and I were 12 years old and didn’t really think the whole thing through. We decided that it would be a good idea to follow a path of the side of the trail. There were a lot of little paths off the sides of trails. Most were just little loops around a few trees before coming out on the trail. We had been on most before but we had never been on this one. Thinking it would be just like the others, we threw ourselves blindly down the trail.

We followed it for about three minutes and then the trail started to become less clear. At first I thought it would be fine and we could just go right till we reached the main trail. After doing that for five minutes and not being able to find the main trail I started to panic. I should've realized that it wasn't a normal trail after about a minute because all the others were roughly 30 seconds. I had realized that we were lost and it wasn’t a good feeling. My hands suddenly began to sweat in my gloves, I jumped at every little noise, and my brain began to run through worst case scenarios. I wanted to hike back up but my friends pointed out that that could take a while. This lead us to decide to go down and look for a road. We knew that a road was at the bottom of the mountain and would reach it eventually. After twenty minutes of being very cold and nervous we noticed a telephone pole and skied over towards it. We left the woods to find ourselves across the street from a popular restaurant/inn which was about a five minutes drive from the mountain. Luckily, one of my friends had a phone and was able to call his dad. Our parents were able to pick us up and during the car ride home my parents were both comforting and lecturing me. I was too upset and happy to be safe to argue with them.

Looking back on the incident I realize that it is a good idea to think about what you do as opposed to acting rashly. Had we debated going down the trail there was a chance that we wouldn’t have gone down it. Despite the fact that it was a pretty frightening half hour I can still find some humor in it. It was a probably a good lesson for me to learn, but I can still picture myself doing something similar to that now. After all, it is pretty fun to ski through some fresh snow no one's made any tracks in yet.

Jessica and Christopher Fish

My parents, Chris Fish and Jessica Fish, will impact me for life. I have spent most of my life in their presence and they gave birth to me. This allows them to have a lot of influence over what I do, how I act, and what I believe. I truly think that they are good people so I don't mind being influenced by how they act. Both my mom and my dad try to be healthy. I also try to be healthy by running often and most of the time I run with them. Additionally, my parents to be kind all the time and not judge people based on their looks. I try to mimic them and do the same. Next, I also notice how hard working they are and realize that is probably how they have a good life. Finally, they stress the importance of my education and success in it as well. This leads me to try to do my best and work hard at school. By spending a lot of time around my parents their views and thoughts influence me.

The Yellow House on Devonshire Way

My house is yellow with a red door and green shutters. The yellow is very bright and my mom says it lights up the road on a gloomy day. The red door on the front looks like a light blood red, my brother loves that door because he loves red. The green shutters on the outside resemble the needles on a pine tree. We moved to this wonderful house from another in Lancaster for reasons I don’t really know, but can assume it was because our family was too large for the other one.

My parents designed this house and I was able to it go from a foundation, to a basement, to a first floor, to a second floor, to a house. My mom really wanted a large and open kitchen so while someone prepared food they felt connected. This lead to her wanting our whole downstairs connected, so it is. This makes our house a bit different from others because all the downstairs rooms are open. Additionally, both my parents wanted a large porch screened in porch in the back. So, there is large screened in porch in the back that we spent a lot of time on in the summer. Upstairs there is a long hall with 5 rooms. Me and my brother share one, me and my sister share the other, my mom and dad share another, there is an office where I do homework and my dad works when he works at home.

I think that my house is such a special place for me is because it is where I feel comfortable and it is a place that I look forward to coming home to. If I feel that I had a rough day at school, I know that when I come home I will be happy. I don’t have to be constantly reminded about school. Additionally, because I sometimes get sick at my home I also recover there as well. The recovery makes me feel better so I think that my brain associates my home with recovery, a good feeling.


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