World War II Japanese internment

By: Kaitlyn Joyner

For: In video number two states that "The government alleged that Japanese-American agents had assisted in the Pearl Harbor attack". If they were spy they could be dangerous and help Japan continue to bomb us.

Against: In document number two which is titled "Japanese-American pledge loyalty" it stated that President Roosevelt said "... that the Japanese-Americans, the majority of whom are citizens through birth, would loyally back the war against the Japanese militarist". Which shows that people including our president at the time thought they would be a big help in the war.

My view: I can understand where both sides are coming from but in all honest we had no right to put them in internment camps. I say this because most were actual helping the US and trying to avoid discrimination. So we had no right and even if there were spies I'm pretty sure not all Japanese-Americans were spies so we didn't need to intern them all.

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