iPad Background Design "Class of" Specific


  • To create a background for the iPad specific to String Theory Schools and the year you graduate.
  • To learn to be creative within limits.
  • To gain real world freelance experience.

Examples of Student work:


  • Create your background in Photoshop using theĀ provided template.
  • Photoshop document sizeĀ 2048 x 1536 pixels.
  • Set the resolution to 264 pixels.
  • You must have "Philadelphia Preforming Arts A String Theory Charter School" in Champagne & Limousines Font.
  • You must have "Class of (the year you graduate)" Example: Class of 2018
  • Designed by "Your Name" In a small font.
  • Project name: iPadBG_lastnameFirstname
  • Jpeg of your final design named properly.


  1. Download the iPadBG_Template.psd from google classroom.
  2. Follow the link below and download the font, Champagne and Limousines.
  3. Your design is specific to the school not your major or you.
  4. Take a day to brainstorm.
  5. All deliverables are to be turned in to Google Classroom.

Turn off the Template for turn in.

Created By
Rebecca Graham

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