EJ. B's Guided Reading Young Blue

Building Big Dreams

Context Questions

I think that the book Building Big Dreams was non fiction.

The three clues that gave it away were the Glossary, Cover And the table of content

History of Anime

The main Purpose was to Trigger their imagination about anime and to give information about the history of anime. The book is a informational book.

I think the story was a magazine article.

An Astro boy exhibit at a shanghai art museum opened in 2015

Long before written words existed, there were pictures. Early people used images to tell stories from prehistoric times and prehistoric paintings.

What do the names of the people in the book mean?

Answer: Because they were picked by their mothers.

Why do anime characters make that gasping sound?

Answer: I think it was just made the answer Is not in the book.

Why do anime characters have a specific expression for different emotions?

For different emotions, If you didn't have emotions you'd be sitting there with your neutral face.

Adaptive athletes

The main purpose of this text was to give information to the reader about the Paralympics.

I think this story type is a article about the paralympics.

The clues that makes me think this is an article is because the way they place the text, it is placed in panels like a article. The Table of contents and glossary.

To understand this text you'll need to know information about the paralympics and disabled athletes

I think the author feels very passionate about the paralympics because I think he knows how they feel, thinking this i think he is a person with a disability

Definition: Adaptive; able to comprehend new things or places.

Definition: Prosthetic; Artificial Limbs

The idea of The olympics came from ancient greece, the Olympics stopped in AD 393. The paralympics later started 50 years later, the paralympics started for the disabled that came back from WWII (World War 2)

Specific words from the book; Prosthetic, Adaptive, Mobility and disability.

I felt sad for the people who had disabilities but happy at the same time because the athletes won medals, they were so happy.

I wonder if those athletes are still alive and if so i want to see their big medals

This text reminds of My dads great grandfather who had prosthetics


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