Final Portfolio Monica sanders

For this portfolio, I would like to reflect on the projects I have completed in this class, what the purpose of each of these projects were, and how they have helped me to become a better designer.

I created these logos for myself and my future photography business. I wanted them to be minimalist, clean and professional, and I think my design aspirations were a executed well in the final version. I hope to use these logos for my website and future business cards. For these logos, I used mostly the type and shape tool, and added the watercolor effect to my circles later on.

For my resume I chose two different job openings for Arkansas Governor’s School this summer. The first was Media Specialist and the second was Public Liaison. For the first Media Specialist resume, I included all examples of my work experience with media and publications. I decided to change the colors of these elements, to be more creative and show that I am capable of designing things to my prospective employers.

My second resume is more serious and less creative, reflecting the Public Liaison position. I included much of the same information in this resume as the previous one, but I tried to give an overall view of my job experiences rather than just my media-orientated experiences. As far as tools go, I mostly used the type and line tools for my resumes, however on the first resume I used the shape tool to create the circles. I think both of these resumes were very close to the finished product I was hoping for, and the concepts I had in my head for the project worked out nicely.

The infographic I created focused on Starbucks stores around the world. I kept the color scheme the same as the Starbucks brand, and included the watercolor circles because they looked like coffee cup stains. I created the cups for the bar graph using the shape tools, and used the graph tool in InDesign for the other graphs. Overall, I found this project to be very challenging, especially working with the data sets, but also the most rewarding in the end.

In conclusion, I feel as though I have learned a variety of skills involving multiple different design programs in this class, and with more practice I think I would be able to master them. Each project built upon the one before it and I found them each to be very helpful in my learning experience. This class has helped me better understand design, which is something I believe will help me greatly in the future.


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