Joseph Csicsila CAS Highlights

He has been the Head of the English Language and Literature Department since 2016 and has been a professor at EMU since 2000. He teaches American Literature and does research for his book that focuses on Mark Twain. Mark Twain is Samuel Clemens artistic name, Twain wrote two classics of American Literature: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.Csicsila’s research on the manuscript has led to the discovery that Twain wrote a previous draft for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer right after his son’s death. revealed the significance of his son's passing in Twain's work on Tom Sawyer. As a Department head he has been focusing on planning for the Fall and Winter semester. While in the midsts of this Pandemic Csicsila expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the staff and faculty in his department, “ it is wonderful to see instructors pulling together, supporting, and helping each other through this process.” Thank you Csicsila for your leadership and continuous support! #TRUEMU #EMUCAS