Nuremberg (Germany)

We had to drag ourselves away from the cutesy town of Rothenburg, but not until a hearty breakfast in the slightly over decorated dining room! Our hotel in Rothenburg was in keeping with its rich 600+ year old history. (A stark contrast to the interior of our ultra modern Nuremberg digs!). A quick last minute walk around the town whilst the sun was out and then time to ride the rails again back to Nuremberg.

After checking into Hotel Victoria, just inside the old walled city and literally a 2 min walk from the train station, we went off exploring the old town and a visit to the Imperial Castle!

Our ticket included a climb to the top of the castle tower for top views back over the township, but also included World War Two before and after images of the town from the same vantage point showing the devastation left of the town from all the bombings!

Our highlight was a visit of the castle well. A small group of us (3 couples, 1 x German and 2 x English) shared the 5pm tour with our tour guide happy to depart a healthy dose of information and history on the well, all in German and then as an afterthought translated this in a very condensed English version, leaving us with the impression that the German language must be very inefficient! The well was however, quite interesting due to the shear depth of some 50m, which was well (no pun intended) demonstrated by lighting up the well shaft and lowering a camera down to the water below...

The warm weather experienced at the start of our trip has been replaced with overcast days and brief showers with no improvement in sight... but still warmer than back home, so no complaints!

Hotel Altfraenkische Weinstube


Rothenburg Town Hall Tower Climb


Nuremberg Imperial Castle

Ready and waiting!
Sunset from our window...
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