Pick my brain! Creative process....

  • What is the creative process?

It is like a pregnancy for me.... I starts by having deep inside me some emotions, feelings, and slowly it germinates and gives birth to an idea! We, I believe, at some point need to take a canvas or the camera and set out on this journey of discovery! Discovery of oneself, which has to come out in the shape of a piece of art! It can be a sculpture, a painting, a photograph, a poem....It takes a certain time to mature and then, when time is ripe, it can be launched into the wild! so to speak.Sometimes, a painting can be almost instantaneous,we think it is finished or almost, but weeks later, we come back to it and we get involved into an other dance with canvas, the paint, and what ever, we use ....cotton material, plaster,or anything, that appeals to us.Creativity is a call, that is difficult to let go,but it needs to be fed.If you starve it,you might find out that you try to replace it with something, that does not satisfy you.

To be continued © Karo Evans 18/February/2017

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