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Places in Thailand: Thailand’s Capital City is Bangkok. Some of Thailands most popular places are: Phuket island, Railay Beach a resort Hotel, Phi Phi Island, between the large island of Phuket. Ko-Poda the relaxing canoe ride along the ocean. Thailand’s longest river is The Mekong River at 2,703 miles long, and the highest Mountain is the Doi Inthanon at 8,415 metres high.

Bangkok. The capital City

Interesting Things about Thailand: The current population is 68,146,609 and the language is Thai. The currency of Thailand is Thai Baht,1 Thai Baht = $0.037 AU. Do many tourists visit Thailand? Well about 26,735,583 have visited Thailand in the past years. The official name of Thailand is the Kingdom of Thailand, Thailand has over 1,430 islands. There are 15 reserved animal species in Thailand, they include two types of Rhinos. Thailand's national symbol is the Elephant. A century ago there were 100,000 elephants in the country, now there is an estimate of 2000 left in the wild. Thai food is well renown, dishes that include spicy curries with rice or noodles are found on many other countries menus throughout the world. Thailand's climate is tropical with a rainy monsoon season from November through to March with the southern area of the country being especially hot and humid.

Food in Thailand: Some foods from Thailand are red curry a spicy curry, green chicken curry is a curry with chicken. Some more foods are Fried Rice, Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai, Som Tum a spicy green papaya salad, Tom Kha Kai, Gaeng Daeng curry, Khao Pad, Pad Krapow Moo Saap, Gaeng Keow Wan Kai curry.

Land of Thailand: Thailand is located in South-East Asia. Thailand is a tropical place, surrounded by mountains and peaks north of Thailand. Thailand has no deserts and no active volcanos. Thailand's largest City is Bangkok which is also the capital city. Thailand shares a border with Laos, Burma, Cambodia and Malaysia.

Demographics of Thailand: Thailand's main religion is Buddhism. There is about 620,957 arrested for crime each year. The fraction of Female compared to Male is 1.8%. The fraction of female is 50.9% and the male is 49.1%. There are approximately 17.18 people under the age of 14. Thailand's divorce rate was 6.9 in 2015, Thailand's death rate is 7.9 from 2016. Thailand's birth rate is 11.1 births.

A day and a life of a child: Children in Thailand attend school at 8:00am to 3:30pm. Some subjects children in Thailand attend are Maths, Thai Langauge, English and more. Some families in Thailand's Traditions are Praying. Some Hobbies children can do are dance, Thai dance, Watch tv, read, Chinese jump rope, Takraw a common played game especially in the west of Thailand, Technology devices, Takra a game like volleyball. Languages of Thailand: 74 languages are spoken in Thailand - Many Thai people speak and understand English.

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