Women's Magazines

In the late 1600's the first sorts of magazines about needlework patterns and how to keep your husband happy were published. Centuries on, magazines are all about empowering women and letting them know that they have choices.

In 1693 the first women's magazine was published in Britain, this was the Lady's Mercury. Magazines have evolved because of the change in our society. Most magazine companies are trying to keep up with all of the latest and greatest trends and crazes. Magazines used have articles on what you should do before your husband got home to make him happy and reward him for working all day long to make a living for the family.

These days, 46.2% of all employees in Australia are women. The women’s liberation movement which took place in the 60’s has affected our society so much that now women are more empowered. Magazines are used and read for many different reasons, one being a source of entertainment. Society relies on what other people are doing to get ideas and follow on trend. Body image is a big part of today's society, magazines these days are encouraging healthier lifestyles by putting healthy recipes and dieting tricks.

The women's magazine industry has come so far from the 1600's, the advertising is now a massive part of the industry, and there are more women reporters and publishers rather than more men. The magazines are now about liberating women rather than keeping them in their place


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