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Time and time again there are many shootings happening and we as students, teachers, and parents are not even phased by it anymore . A school shooting happens it will be in the news for a week saying we need stricter gun law. And you'll never hear about it again. we need stricter gun laws we need to make the procces harder to get guns don't ban guns but make it harder to get them.

parkland shooting

parkland shooting february 14, 2018 a tragedy a 19 yr old who had a licence to own a weapon let me say that 1 more time a 19 yr old who was licence to own a weapon. this is whats wrong with the system make the age minimum 25 yrs old not 18 yrs old. A kid who was mentaily sick and had an arsenal of guns and ammunation and he was flagged many times and no one ever bothered to investigate him. right off the top if a 19 yrs old came to a gun store and purchased an AR-15 style weapon that it self didn't give you a red flag common if that didn't give you a red flag then i don't know what will.

Money is what these companies care about. money is the drive behind all of this after sandy hook shooting there was a spike in gun sales 3 million additional guns were sold from December 2012 and April 2013 all these gun companies make millions and millions of dollars every year. they don't promote gun laws they promote their guns.

In no way am saying ban guns no. I do believe people should have the right to own guns and protect themselves and there family. But let's have some common sense here a 19 yr old does not need an AR-15. We should make the proccess harder research there back ground and have classes for people barley getting a gun.


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