puppies sa'myah

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1.How will your puppy act.

2.Thing you need for your puppy.

3.Place to get one.

4.They are a good pet.



Do you know why puppies are so fun to play with ?Puppies like to play with their owners and their toys. When they are awake they have a lot of energy and likes to run around. When they are asleep they lay down and they have a dream.Get ready to read the book and find more information.

how will your puppy act ?

How will your puppy act ? When you get your puppy you will see he/she has a personality. They can be lazy or excited. Some puppies they will love you all the time .Any kind you get sometimes they will follow you and sometimes they will be on there own. When you get a puppy they will be loving and caring.

Things you need for your puppy

Your puppy will need many things to help it to be happy. The two most important things It will need is food and water. When you get your puppy's food you should look on the bag so it is right for your puppy.Their water needs to be half full. Your puppy may need a leash and cage.

places to get one.

You can get your puppy in shelters, pet stores and lot more.If you got your puppy in the shelter they keep the puppy until they get a mother.when you get your puppy at the stores they don't have a lot of puppies .When they are in the store they get all excited.choose wisely they are all perfect.

They are good pets

They are good pets for you because if you don't have a friend at home you can play with your puppy.Puppies are a good friend they will sometimes come to you and give you a toy. If you play with your puppy it will be happy.


puppies are fun to play with and make good pets.They are really good at hearing sounds and noises and good at running and doing what you say . maybe you'll get one someday.


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