Louis D. Brandeis Supreme Court Justice

Younger Life and Education

  • Born in Louisville, Kentucky on November 13, 1856
  • Parents: Adolph Brandeis and Frederika Dembitz
  • They were Bohemian Jews
  • Graduated from Harvard Law School at age 20

The "People's Lawyer"

  • Practiced a little law in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Went to Boston to start own law firm
  • Warren and Brandeis
  • Published a famous article in the Harvard Law Review
  • Titled: "The Right to Privacy"
  • Argues that private citizens are entitled to be left alone
  • Press should not post pictures without people's consent
  • Known as "the people's lawyer"
  • Fought workers' rights ands breaking up monopolies and for individual rights
  • Refused payment for services
  • Helped saved the Boston subway system
  • Broke up the New Haven Railroad monopoly
  • Helped set laws to set working hour limits

Supreme Court Justice

  • Was offered a position in Wilson's cabinet in 1913, but turned it down
  • In 1914, published Other People's Money and How the Bankers Use It
  • Attacked bankers and how they control American Industry
  • President Woodrow Wilson appointed him to the Supreme Court in 1916
  • Faced many oppositions from Anti-Semites, but was confirmed
  • First Jew to sit on the Supreme
  • Opposed unlimited governmental power
  • Usually voted for "individual liberty"
  • 2 biggest court decisions:
  • Whitney vs. California
  • Olmstead vs. United States
  • Championed the public' right to privacy
  • Addressed FDR's new deal propositions
  • Liked most of it
  • Voted to limit some presidential authority
  • Retired in 1939

Personal Life

  • Married Alice Goldmark in 1891
  • Had 2 daughters
  • Became a Zionist
  • Died on October 5, 1941
  • Has Brandeis University named after him
  • Located in Waltham, Massachusetts
  • Mascot is Ollie the Owl


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  • http://www.supremecourthistory.org/timeline_brandeis.html

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