Paraguay Capital AsuNciÓn

La Ropa Cultural

One item of traditional clothing is a short-sleeved tunic, called the Ao Po'i. It is one of the most important items of clothing in traditional Paraguayan clothing. The Ao Po'i is worn by both men and women, layered over long pants for men and a long skirt for women.

La Ropa Typica

In cities and towns, Paraguayans dress as people do in North America and Europe. Some rural women wear a shawl, called a rebozo, and a simple dress or a skirt and blouse. The men usually wear loose trousers called bomachas, a shirt or jacket, a necker-chief (neck scarf), and a poncho. Rural people usually go barefoot.


The climate of Paraguay is a subtropical climate in the Paraneña region and a tropical climate in the Chaco. The Paraneña region has a humid climate, with lots of rain throughout the year and only minor seasonal changes in temperature. They are on the other side of the equator, so the few seasonal changes they have are the opposite of ours.


This is the bandera of Paraguay. The red stands for courage, equality, and patriotism. The white stands for unity, purity, and peace. The blue stands for liberty, benevolence, and truth. The phrase Paz y Justica

Comida Tipica

This is Bori-bori. It is a chicken soup that is served with dumplings.
This is chipa. It is a bread made with manioc, ( a woody shrub whoms roots are used in food.) egg, and cheese.


This is a picture of downtown

The 2015 estimate of the population in Paraguay is 6,783,272. The ethnic groups go like this, 51.8% white, 33% mestizo, 15% indigneous, and 0.2% black.

El Dinero

Paraguay's currancey is the Guaraní. If you go to Paraguay and need their money it is only worth 0.00018 of our dollar. Paraguay has a market economy that compleatly depends on agriculture products. In the last few years, the economy has grown because of increased agricultural exports, especially soybeans. The extreme poverty increased from 16% to 20% between 2001 to 2012. Many are poor.

Tipo del gobierno

This is Palico de los López, the workplace of the president of paraguay.

Paraguay has a democracy. Their president is Horacio Cartes. Their vice president is Juan Afara.

La Historia

Paraguay was colonized by spain until they overthew the Spanish administration in 1811. Paraguay earned its idependance from Francia (france).

Idioma Nacional

Paraguay's official languages are Spainish and Guarani.

La religión

The three most common religions in Paraguay are Roman Cathlicism in Paraguay, Prodistantism, and Latter Day Saint.

El Mapa

Here is a map of Paraguay.


In AsunciónParaguay on Monday April 3, it will be lows in mid 70's and highs in low 80's with a zero percent chance of rain.

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